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Monday, January 8, 2007

Payroll bridge application to achieve estimated ninety-one percent cut in processing time

Today I completed work on a Microsoft Access application that transforms payroll in an Excel file into a tab-delimited text file. The application serves as a bridge from a client's payroll file to a program that is used to batch load payroll transactions.

To make this happen, there are several class modules I created in Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), which are set up as an object model. Some of the modules include the following:

  • Batch Information (lookup)
  • Company (specific info about a client)
  • ConvertXL (converts Excel file to tab-delimited text for processing)
  • Employee (specific info about an employee)
  • File (file name, beginning/ending, etc.)
  • LineText (relates to information on a line of text in the payroll file)
  • Lookup (does a lookup using a recordset)
  • Outlook (used for Microsoft Outlook object manipulation)
  • Payroll Item (info related to a specific payroll item)
  • Payroll Items (a "pseudo" collection of payroll items)
  • Persist Class (a base, abstract class implemented in other classes)
  • Process (does most of the payroll processing)
  • Section (info related to different sections on a payroll file)
  • Sections ("pseudo" collection of sections)
Processing payroll before having an application for this client, I've been told, took about three hours. With this tool, I estimate it will take about 15 minutes, which is a 91 percent reduction!

I'll share more about this application in future posts, since this is one we've implemented for other clients.

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