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Monday, January 22, 2007

Client relationship strengthened with assistance on payroll journal

One of our clients called me to ask for help with a payroll journal we had set up for her. I enjoyed talking with her, since it had been several months since our last phone conversation. I asked her to email me the payroll journal she was working on so that I could see the problem as she saw it, since we're at different locations. She tends to be wary of making any changes herself, and I've often had the tremendous opportunity to help her out.

After looking at the payroll journal, I was able to help the client fix the problem she was having over the phone. We also talked about some additional changes her company wanted to make and what would be involved in getting them set up, including changes to the respective bridge application we use to automate the data entry.

After we ended our conversation, I went upstairs to talk with the payroll specialist about this new change - specifically, a new payroll item - will be implemented. It turns out that implementing this additional item will be relatively easy to do. She told me that we will wait until they payroll for the client is run this week to implement the changes to the payroll journal.

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