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Monday, January 29, 2007

Client pleased by changes made to payroll journal

You might remember that I mentioned recently working with a client to answer questions about their payroll journal.

Last Friday I contacted them again to clarify some of the changes they had requested and provide some ideas to make it more useful to them. I had already provided an instruction worksheet when I initially designed the payroll journal. These instructions included how to add and delete employees, among other things.

The client wanted me to add a Training payroll item on the journal, stating that they would be paying their employees minimum wage during training sessions. Since this change would affect some of the calculated totals, I contacted them and asked if they still needed them. They replied that they didn't really need them, and, since we didn't really need them either, she said we could remove them.

I changed the layout on the spreadsheet for each payroll journal they use and sent them off to the client. I contacted them later to verify they received the new versions, and they really liked how they looked. The changes in effect made the entire journal look more legible, in their opinion.

In a separate post I'll share about how I've managed changes to the related bridge application we use to process this client's payroll.

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