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Friday, July 11, 2008

My 15,000th Update!

Twitter.comI would consider myself - and many others would probably agree - a power user of Twitter. I update over there. A LOT. In fact, I recommend that those who start following me immediately turn off device notifications, unless they have an unlimited text plan.

Twitter by far is THE most useful tool in my social networking arsenal. I know for a fact that actual business has been conducted through my use of Twitter.

I started using it back in August 2006, so I have had ample time to grow and develop community. Imagine my surprise earlier when I saw something magical about to happen:

Daniel Johnson, Jr. danieljohnsonjr Whoa. My next tweet will be my 15,000th. Send me an @ reply and I'll put you in it. You have 10-15 mins. Starting.... now.
I initially thought I'd be able to string everyone who'd replied into a 140 characters or less message. I mean, what's the likelihood that many people would be paying attention at that precise moment. I must have forgotten what my previous post said:
Daniel Johnson, Jr. danieljohnsonjr Okay, now, where are all you followers coming from?
I checked and I have close to 2100 people following my updates. Some are dormant accounts or may have not updated in awhile, but still, that's a lot of potential people to see my 14,999th post.

So, since I couldn't fit everyone into a 140-character "tweet", I hope this suffices. Thank you so much for enriching my experience thus far. I sincerely hope I've been at least half as valuable to you as you have been to me. Here are the people who replied, in the order they came in:
  1. doctoranonymous: Hi @danieljohnsonjr. Have a great weekend!
  2. purpletrout: @danieljohnsonjr Congratulations Daniel!
  3. mikeward: @danieljohnsonjr what if we dont wanna send you a tweet
  4. melgallant: @danieljohnsonjr congrats on the tweet record!
  5. chrbutler: @danieljohnsonjr Congrats on the 15,000th tweet!
  6. TeriLussier: @danieljohnsonjr nice tweet up! ;-)
  7. cossondra: @danieljohnsonjr put ME in there :-) we are such nerds arent we??
  8. audiojunky: @danieljohnsonjr haha congrats on the 15,000...thats a lot im reaching my 1,000 soon
  9. kate_the_great: @danieljohnsonjr OOH! Pick me! Pick me!!
  10. zaldor: @danieljohnsonjr 15000 tweets?! That's insane! Congrats! And here i'm not even at 5k!
  11. kflake: @danieljohnsonjr congrats on the 15,000th tweet!
Because I'm a good sport and love you all, I'm including this direct message I received
editvdo me, too...me, too...me, too
and this message that came in while I was typing up this post:
akirk45239: @danieljohnsonjr I'm late. I'll go for the 15,001st. Congrats from Monfort Heights
Thank you and everyone else I know from Twitter for making it a fun journey thus far. Now, onto that 15,001st update.

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