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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Open-ended questions about my blogging approach

While driving into work this morning, I began thinking about how I'm using this blog and blogging in general. I came up with some open-ended questions for myself, none of which I'm able yet to answer.

  • What ways can I merge my social media/new media passion with my job as a SQL developer into a career?
  • What purpose do I really want this particular blog, to which I've assigned my name, to have?
  • Should I separate the new media stuff on this blog from the technical stuff?
  • How easy is it for someone looking at my resume to to really see what I'm about? Are folks finding the content I want them to find over here?
  • Why do I have and maintain so many blogs? Would it be worthwhile to consolidate and/or "shut down" one or more of them?
  • Is Blogger the tool I want to continue to use for my online presence, or is it worthwhile to move it to another blogging platform?
  • How can I best communicate the technical aspects of my work in a way that is easy for someone to understand? Do I do this for myself mainly, or do I do this to inform others, too?
If you have any thoughts to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

I could have written that very post just a few months ago. I started out with a single domain and single blog, but as you my interests are very diverse and posting on every topic under the sun from tech to religion to humor on one blog just seemed like a mess. Only my closest of friends would follow such a blog.

So somewhat out of vanity, I registred the .net, .org, and .tv and separated them by topic.

Of course now instead of having one highly active blog I have four fairly slow ones. To post on all of them equally does take effort.

In hindsight I'm glad I did it. I'm beginning to notice readers who land via search engine are more prone to view other stories within the site as they are more or less on topic with their original search.

Of course to get the that proverbial *next level* I woudl have to really put a lot of effort into providing content.

Unknown said...

I'm blog addicted. I have a few now and could easily see myself doing more. What I really need to focus on is getting content onto all of them, and not just any content but something worthy of my time.

Biggest problem I've come to realize for me is not taking the blogging seriously but treating it as more of a off the cuff thing. I'm sadly not as focused on making it a success as I would if it were paying the bills. The problem is it won't pay the bills if I don't treat it like it will.

Ahh, I could go on.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I love using Movabletype for my blog. A lot of personal bloggers are using Wordpress. There's a lot of cool new stuff happening with the new version of MT, MT4.1, which is now open source. I'm pretty excited to upgrade soon. Both WP & MT are free for personal use.

A lot of flexibility in MT4.1 to do multiple blogs including photo blogs and pod casting, although that's in it's infancy. You can even forums now if you buy the community solution add on. I'm running 3 blogs in mt MT installation, my main blog, a photogallery and a private, family blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you reading my mind? I have been asking myself some of the same questions. I would love to merge my website, podcast and blog. I'm still not sure what's the best strategy.

I have multiple blogs...some of which I haven't updated in quite some time.

I think I may be getting social media overload!