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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wikis and New Media Cincinnati?

I've been thinking about wikis lately, and these two videos have strengthened my interest in them:

Wikis in Plain English

WetPaint in Plain English

I've been thinking about the New Media Cincinnati community a lot lately, especially with respect to some things related to planning meetups. I've been getting a lot of suggestions via email (danieljohnsonjr at newmediacincinnati dot com), Twitter (@newmediacincy and @danieljohnsonjr), IM, Facebook discussion threads, etc. I keep wondering if using a wiki would be an easier and more efficient way.

So I asked the folks who follow me on Twitter, "Are you using wikis in your work/personal life? If so, how so?"

Here are some replies:

via direct message to me:
Photo_3_normal mjenkins We use a Wiki for the online staff at the Enquirer for storing and updating our production processes and best practices. It's helpful.

I asked if I could use her message in this post, and she replied:
Photo_3_normal mjenkins Sure, go right ahead. We are looking to expand the use of our Wiki across all departments (ads, HR, etc.) soon.

I also noticed some buzz on Twitter via Tweetscan related to wikis and shared that:
Daniel Johnson, Jr. danieljohnsonjr Tweetscan twitter buzz about wikis: http://tinyurl.com/5koupw

After all these responses, I asked: "Related wiki question (thx for your help so far): which sites are you using to create/manage your wikis?" Here are a couple of the responses:
  • Christian L. Quale clq @danieljohnsonjr Creating a wikimedia one on any server that supports databases is really easy. I use my own space on Godaddy, Works fine.
  • Fred Grott sharemefg @danieljohnsonjr I have used tiddlyspot to manage my tiddlywiki hosting however since tiddlywiki has no server stuff could use googlepages
Do you think we should create a wiki for New Media Cincinnati?

newmediacincy newmediacincy How might @newmediacincy use wikis?

Daniel Johnson, Jr. danieljohnsonjr @newmediacincy Suggestions for meetup times/locations?
Steve Gerl SteveGerl @newmediacincy: Contests where people have to post something, perhaps?

Should we put together a wiki for New Media Cincinnati? Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments below.

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