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Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Media Cincinnati Meetup, October 2007

New Media Cincinnati Meetup, October 2007
How was your Saturday? I and about 11 others met up today, the first New Media Cincinnati meetup, at the Golden Corral just off exit 32 at I-75.

Some big thanks go out to people for helping inspire and organize and otherwise contribute to making the event possible:

It was so great meeting other people, most of whom I'd only known online, and some that I'd met for the first time. I was so engaged in the conversations that I barely ate anything!
New Media Cincinnati Meetup, October 2007
Here are the people I met, with links to their websites/podcasts/online presence:
I am definitely inspired by the depth of talent and diversity in the group, and I look forward to meeting up next month. More details on that to come soon. Be sure to check out newmediacincinnati.com!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So very sorry I couldn't make the event, Dan. I truly would like to meet so many of the other podcasters/bloggers/new media folks from the area. Hope I can get it on the schedule for next time!